Frequently Asked Questions

Are the body butter products for everyone?

Yes! Men, women, and children of all ages, ethnicities, and skin types. We only use all-natural and organic ingredients, and we also have sensitive lightly scented version for those who may have skin allergens. Always patch test new skincare products and discontinue use if you notice any skin irritations.


Will Kloud9 Body butters feel Greasy on my skin?

No! While body butters are much more emollient than lotions and generally have a greasy feel, our formulas contain high quality arrowroot powder, which absorbs excess oil and helps your butter soak into your skin. Please be aware however, that if it’s your first time using whipped body butter, it may feel oilier than you’re used to initially.


Will my Kloud9 Body Butter Melt?

   This is possible if your environment gets very hot. Our formula contains shea butter, which has a super hard consistency and helps to prevent your butter from melting. Your butter will stay whipped in normal-high room temperature. Also, all butters are double whipped, refrigerated before shipping to prevent any melting during the shipping process. To further avoid your product melting, please store it in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. In the unlikely event that your butter does melt, you can refrigerate it. This will change your whipped butter to more of a balm texture. To revert it, you can lightly whip it yourself for a few minutes after refrigeration. 

 Whipping butters adds tiny air bubbles that increase their size and changes their texture, making the butter light and fluffy. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles are collapsed, so the volume is decreased. So although the jar was filled to the top, if the butter melts, there will be less volume in the container.  The container may actually look half full.

Is my Kloud9 Body Butter Edible?

No! Please do no consume our body butters. We made the formula smell delightful and good enough to eat but please do not eat the product. It is made for skin only and is not safe to eat.

How long will my Kloud9 Body Butter last?

Up to 12 months. Please be aware that this product is natural, and contains no water or preservatives. And while being made up of oils and butters means it doesn't need a preservative, the introduction of water into your jar will significantly reduce your products shelf life. To avoid this, scoop out your butter with your wooden spoon, or dry hands.